Toshiba Satellite L755-S5349 15.6-Inch LED Laptop Review

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The Toshiba Satellite L755-S5349 15.6-Inch LED Laptop is a great laptop for anybody searching for a quality laptop with a low sticke price. This laptop is great for any professional or student, and has nice features for accessibility and organization. The Toshiba Satellite Laptop is likely to impress any who give it a test run, with its decent power and attractive features. It has great features for connectibility and user-friendly ease of use, and is a great choice of computer no matter what plans you might have in stock for it. With enough power to get the job done, but enough sleekness to charm the user with ease, the Toshiba Satellite is a great choice for anyone.


-Excellent battery life: laptop can be used away from power source for long periods of time.
-Very quiet: cooling fan is the largest noise constituent.
-Sleek design: computer is aesthetically pleasing.


-Underpowered hard drive: gamers will be disappointed with this laptop.
-Plastic build: a fall or strike might prove detrimental to the plastic, cheap design.
-Limited ports: USB 3.0 or eSATA ports not provided, probably to keep price low.

Build and Design

This Toshiba laptop is abailable in a two-tone, sleek finish comprised of Matrix silver and a smooth black, called Fusion Finish, an awesome color scheme sure to impress the buyer. The computer weighs a mere 5.3 pounds, which will not significantly weigh down any backpack for briefcase. This Toshiba laptop is incredibly attractive, with its smooth curves and sleek color scheme, and is highly practical for on-the-move needs, as it has such a slight weight. Although the computer has great aesthetic value and a low weight, its plastic design can cause the screen to easily bend under pressure, and the integrity of the laptop may be easily compromised should it suffer a fall or strike. Also, the high gloss finish of the computer’s surfaces make it more prone to smudges and scratches, which are much more noticeable on a glossy surface as opposed to more modest look. Just one look at the bottom of the Toshiba Satellite reveals a great many areas for improvement and replacement should one decide to upgrade any parts. The compartments are easily accessible and require little effort to open.

Display and Speakers

The Toshiba Satellite boasts a 15.6 inch widescreen display with a display backed by LED technology. The visual display is, of course, high definition, and supports 720p videos with ease. The display resolution has a 16 to 9 ratio, with a pixel count of 1366×768 (high definition). Although these visual features seem amazing, the video quality is somewhat sub-par, which isn’t of much concern unless gaming capabilities are a top priority. The Toshiba’s audio capabilities are headed by the MaxxAudio speakers, standard stereo speakers, and both a mono and stereo headphone jack. The quality of audio streaming from this laptop is surprisingly decent, and provides a high level of auditory quality. This would be a good laptop for the avid music listener, music producer, or musician.

Ports and Features

The new Toshiba laptop offers a great supply of ports, including three USB ports, an ethernet, HDMI, and VGA slot, and even a memory card slot. In addition, there is of course a DVD drive. However, Toshiba neglected the installation of a USB 3.0 port or eSATA, although this was probably done to keep the price lower.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard of the Toshiba has a great, light feel to it, while retaining the feeling of being sturdily built. The keyboard does not feel cramped, even with the touchpad on the right side. Typing on the Toshiba Satellite feels incredibly natural, and the keys are adequately fixed to the body of the computer. The touchpad is easily accessible and allows for easy use of alt and special characters.


The performance of the Toshiba Satellite is one of the only disappointing features of the computer. The hard drive is somewhat slow and insufficient, although it provides plenty of power for those that require a laptop for professional or student purposes. Gamers will find the Toshiba’s power to be disappointing, however. For students and professionals, the hard drive on the Toshiba Satellite can power any needs that might be required of it.

Battery Life

The Toshiba Satellite has an extremely impressive battery, which can provide power to the laptop for up to 5.7 hours. This ensures that the laptop can be utilized even while away from its power source for extended periods of time. This is one of the strongest points of the Toshiba Satellite.

Heat and Noise

Another strong point of the new Toshiba Satellite is its ability to stay cool even when powered on for long periods of use. Even when being used at full capacity, the Toshiba stays surprisingly cool to the touch. This laptop is also extremely quiet, and the larger source of noise is the slight whurring of the fan used to cool the hard drive.

This is for who?

This computer is a great choice for any professional or any student. It provides adequate power for school projects and professional business needs, although gamers will likely not be pleased with the underpowered hard drive. The Toshiba Satellite is perfect for the businessman or woman who needs to conduct work away from a power source, as well as a student who may have the same needs, made possible by the extended battery life of this computer. Whether creating PowerPoint presentations, writing final exam essays, or promoting a business website online, the Toshiba Satellite can perform extremely well and will likely completely satisfy the buyer. Gamers, however, should look elsewhere when considering a new laptop, as the slow hard drive on this Toshiba will likely displease and disappoint someone who needs a higher power output and cutting-edge visual capabilities.

Why you should buy it?

The Toshiba Satellite L755-S5349 15.6-Inch LED Laptop is very decently priced, especially with the amount of features it comes equipped with. From the amazing quality of the speakers to the wide array of available ports and accessibility features, this laptop has much to offer to someone looking for a new or replacement laptop. The Toshiba Satellite also has much room for improvement with friendly, accessible bottom compartments. It’s a sleek, cool design, with many modern features. Try one today!

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